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The Benefits of Burning Sage Include a Better Night’s Sleep

Chefs know that sage—an herb from the mint family similar to basil, rosemary, and oregano—is common in cuisines around the world for the earthy, smoky flavors it can bring to a dish. But lately, it seems like everyone has become interested in the ancient practice of burning sage, a ritual otherwise known as smudging. The reason? There…

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Smudging 101: Burning Sage To Cleanse Your Space & Self Of Negativity

With the chaotic nature of today’s modern world, the idea of cleansing our spaces, objects, and ourselves of negative energy sounds quite appealing. Cue the ritual of sage burning, also known as smudging, an essential part of many Native American cultures. What is smudging? Smudging is a tradition common to the Indigenous peoples that involves burning sacred herbs…

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There Are 3 Types Of Stress: How To Know Which One You’re Feeling

“Stress” tends to be a blanket term, but the feeling can actually manifest a few different ways. While we can’t avoid stress altogether (nor should we try), understanding the main variations of stress can help you determine which one you’re dealing with at any given time so you can better manage it. What is stress,…

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Imbalanced Chi Energy Could Be the Reason You’re So Tired Lately

Have you ever felt off balance but couldn’t nail down the exact reason why? Chi may be to blame for your fatigue, brain fog, or irritability. “Chi is the energy current that runs through our bodies, providing us with circulation, nutrients, and minerals that we need to be whole,” says Taz Bhatia, MD, integrative health…

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I am not a patient. I am getting amazing feedbacks from patients I came to consult with. Reshma gets it done! maving patients to amazing healing instead of getting stuck with too many pills and creams.


Reshma is a wealth of knowledge. She is an active listener and really hears my concerns and issues regarding my health. Sharing with her is easy, knowing she’s there to support and put the puzzle together on my health issues and goals. I’ve enjoyed working with her. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.


I have been suffering from SIBO and a variety of other hormonal issues post pregnancy for almost two years. I tried all the conventional avenues that were covered by my insurance to no avail. I finally decided to go out of network and find someone that would get to the root of my issues and…


Reshma is awesome. I love that she takes the time to listen. Exactly what I have been looking for regarding my health. Thank you.

Christy N.

I love her. She is very smart and very personable. And she has helped me feel so much better. Physically and emotionally!! I would highly recommend Reshma Patel.

Bonnie S.

Amazing! I learned so much. I’d advise everyone to go through this to learn about your genes and how to be healthier.

Sally K.

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