Nutrition Genome DNA Test KIT

Nutrition Genome DNA Test KIT


Nutrition Genome’s at-home DNA test kit and analysis guide you through a whole body approach of personalized diet, lifestyle, and environmental insights for vibrant health. See how we can help bring your body into balance below!

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DNA Test Kit + Whole Body Health Report

We never sell or license customer data!
You can delete your data at any time.
This is our promise to you.

  • Easy to interpret results
  • 170 health reports including: Methylation Cycle, Vitamin Requirements, Heavy Metal & Pesticide Sensitivity, Macronutrient Metabolism, Toxin Sensitivity, Bacteria, Yeast & Parasite Sensitivity, DNA Repair, Hormones & Fertility, Sleep Optimization, Meal Timing, Stress Management, Methylation, Cardiovascular Health, Mental Health including Anxiety, Addiction, Brain Repair & OCD, and Athletic Performance
  • Personalized Grocery List
  • Covid-19 Viral Severity & Lung Damage Report
  • Recommended Blood Work Report
  • Your sample is run twice on parallel arrays including Next Generation Sequencing for best in class accuracy and reliable gene coverage
  • Free shipping, fast 5 week turnaround for results


I am not a patient. I am getting amazing feedbacks from patients I came to consult with. Reshma gets it done! maving patients to amazing healing instead of getting stuck with too many pills and creams.


Reshma is a wealth of knowledge. She is an active listener and really hears my concerns and issues regarding my health. Sharing with her is easy, knowing she’s there to support and put the puzzle together on my health issues and goals. I’ve enjoyed working with her. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.


I have been suffering from SIBO and a variety of other hormonal issues post pregnancy for almost two years. I tried all the conventional avenues that were covered by my insurance to no avail. I finally decided to go out of network and find someone that would get to the root of my issues and…


Reshma is awesome. I love that she takes the time to listen. Exactly what I have been looking for regarding my health. Thank you.

Christy N.

I love her. She is very smart and very personable. And she has helped me feel so much better. Physically and emotionally!! I would highly recommend Reshma Patel.

Bonnie S.

Amazing! I learned so much. I’d advise everyone to go through this to learn about your genes and how to be healthier.

Sally K.

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Personalized medicine. You are unique, so your wellness plan should be too.

Get in touch with Reshma Patel, PA-C if you are interested in optimizing your health and well-being.

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