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TeleHealth - Integrative Urgent Care

What are the conditions that can be treated via telehealth?

  • Minor Wounds
  • Burns (e.g., minor, sunburn)
  • Cough /Cold
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Rashes
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Acute Conjunctivitis
  • Constipation
  • Acid Reflux

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is an easy to use, HIPAA-compliant way to receive quality medical care virtually rather than in person.

The process is simple. After you request a virtual appointment, your provider sends a calendar invite with a link to digital registration forms (more information below). You complete the forms and, using the link provided, meet your provider online on the date and time specified in your invitation.

In addition to receiving high-quality health care without going to the doctor’s office, there’s another benefit: You don’t have to be in the same location as your physician.

If you live a distance from your primary care physician or specialist, you can still get the medical care you need in a comfortable, convenient way through telehealth.

How does telehealth work?

Your telehealth platform offers services such as:

  • Two-way, high-definition video
    With telehealth, you use videoconferencing so that you have a face-to-face meeting with your provider — like you’re sitting together in your doctor’s office.
  • Digital patient registration
    You register online, where you can submit your symptoms, allergies, medications, medical history, and ID cards prior to your first teleconference visit with your doctor.
  • Prescription management
    Your doctor manages your medications and sends your prescriptions electronically to your preferred pharmacy.
  • Secure online payment
    Telehealth software allows you to securely send your payment online.
  • Chat and photo-sharing capabilities
    You can chat with your doctor and easily upload photos of your symptoms when applicable. Communication is a two-way street, as your physician can reach out to you with messages.
  • HIPAA compliant
    HIPAA is a law that protects the privacy of your medical records and personal health information. Your telehealth interactions are also secure, and only authorized users can access your telehealth sessions.

What health care services can I receive through telehealth?

You can receive many of the services normally provided in the office, but you need to check with your provider to learn exactly which services they offer via telehealth.

In the case of a medical emergency, however, you need to seek care at your local urgent care facility or hospital emergency department.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Ananda Integrative Medicine is offering serum COVID19 antibody testing from Vibrant America (please see blog post below from Vibrant Wellness). The antibody test if 97% sensitive and 98% specific. The serum antibody test requires a blood draw which is done by a nurse that comes to your home to perform the blood draw, processes the specimen and then sends directly to the lab for testing.

Results are not used for diagnostic purposes; however, results will show if you have been exposed to the virus and have short-term (IgM) or long-term (IgG) antibodies. The virus is cleared after around 3 weeks. After around 2 weeks your body starts forming antibodies IgM (early) and then at 4 weeks IgG (long-term). At some point, the IgM antibodies convert into IgG type of Antibodies. The presence of IgG will be key - it tells you if you have protection from COVID19.

Patients can schedule a telemedicine appointment for $125 for case review and ordering of test. The serum antibody test for COVID19 is $200 and the results are available in 3-5 days. The home lab draw is $65.

Schedule a visit here, call the office at 424.259.2089 or visit the website for more information.


If the situation is an emergency the patient must call 911

Ages that can be treated: 18 and over

No Narcotics, No Controlled medications, No Adderall, etc.

Integrative Urgent Care is available to provide care for acute illness or injury with allopathic (pharmaceutical) and/or holistic (natural) remedies.

(Insurance not accepted)

$125 per visit