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Your thyroid is a small gland in your neck that is a powerhouse of hormones. Therefore, thyroid dysfunction can have a devastating effect on your health. At Ananda Integrative Medicine, in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Reshma Patel, PA-C, offers thyroid testing and customized treatments to restore your hormonal balance and your overall health. Call Ananda Integrative Medicine or schedule a consultation online today for expert thyroid assessment and treatment.


What does the thyroid do?

Your thyroid produces the hormones that regulate many of your critical body functions, including:

  • Thyroxine (T4)
  • Triiodothyronine (T3)
  • Calcitonin 

These hormones influence almost every function in your body, including:

  • Breathing and heart rate
  • Muscle strength
  • Bodyweight
  • Body temperature
  • Nervous system
  • Protein production
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Menstrual cycles

When your thyroid doesn’t function properly, either becoming hyper or hypoactive, you develop a wide range of disruptive symptoms. 

What are the common thyroid disorders?

Depending on your genetics and family medical history, your thyroid is vulnerable to a variety of diseases. 


Graves’ disease is an autoimmune condition that causes thyroid hyperactivity. Your immune system produces antibodies that trick your thyroid into producing extra hormones. 

Other causes of a hyperactive thyroid include thyroid nodules and thyroiditis (inflammation). A hyperactive thyroid causes anxiety, insomnia, heat intolerance, and unintended weight loss. 


Hashimoto’s disease is another autoimmune disorder. However, instead of stimulating your thyroid, your body produces antibodies that attack and damage your thyroid, reducing its hormone production. A hypoactive thyroid causes symptoms, including fatigue, weight gain, constipation, hair loss, and depression.

Pituitary and hypothalamus disorders 

Your pituitary gland and hypothalamus produce hormones that stimulate your thyroid. If your pituitary gland or hypothalamus stops producing thyrotropin-releasing hormones or thyroid-stimulating hormones, your thyroid won’t function correctly, and your health suffers. 

How can a thyroid disorder affect my health?

Thyroid dysfunction causes disruptive health symptoms in nearly all aspects of your health and wellness. It can increase your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which can lead to heart disease. Your calcium levels could increase, leading to painful issues like kidney stones. 

Thyroid disorders can interfere with your sleep, causing insomnia and fatigue. It can even trigger mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

How are thyroid disorders treated?

At Ananda Integrative Medicine, Reshma begins with an exam and comprehensive blood tests to assess your hormone levels. In many cases, you need medication to regulate abnormal hormone levels caused by thyroid dysfunction. Reshma might also recommend dietary changes, vitamins, and supplements to improve your thyroid health, reduce your symptoms, and restore your health.

If you’re concerned about your thyroid health, call Ananda Integrative Medicine or make an appointment online today.