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While rare, it’s possible for a child to have an adverse reaction to a vaccine — sometimes called a vaccine injury. While this might make you hesitant to continue with your immunizations schedule, there are options for you to explore. At Ananda Integrative Medicine, in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Reshma Patel, PA-C, offers comprehensive testing and treatments to identify and address the underlying issues that caused the reaction. Call Ananda Integrative Medicine or schedule a consultation online today to learn more.

Vaccine Injury Q & A

What is a vaccine injury?

A vaccine injury is a rare adverse reaction to a standard vaccination. For example, your child might develop a reaction around the injection site following an immunization injection. Many children who react to a vaccination also have other allergic reactions and immune system dysfunction. 

While you can apply for a vaccine exemption, there may be time limits, and ultimately, vaccines protect your child, your family, and your community from potentially devastating diseases. At Ananda Integrative Medicine, Reshma offers an alternative to conventional immunization schedules. 

How can I find out what’s causing my child’s reaction?

Reshma takes an integrative and holistic approach to health care. She’s committed to identifying the root cause of your health problems so she can deliver personalized treatments to restore your well-being. Comprehensive testing forms the foundation of her wellness plans. 

Reshma partners with GX Sciences to perform DNA testing. She can test for genes related to methylation, inflammation, and immunity, which can interfere with the way the body responds to vaccines and other substances. 

Methylation is the biochemical process that moves nutrients, produces energy, and supports gene modulation. She finds that patients with methylation deficiency aren’t able to adequately process vaccines or breakdown and absorb other substances, which results in reactions and perceived vaccine injuries. 

DNA testing only requires a saliva sample, and then within a couple of weeks, Reshma receives a highly detailed analysis of your child’s genes. You meet with Reshma to review the report and identify the next steps in improving your child’s health and wellness. 

What are my vaccination options if my child is sensitive to vaccines?

Once Reshma knows the root cause of your child’s response to a vaccine or other allergens, she provides customized treatment to restore their body function. 

For example, Reshma has had success in treating methylation deficiency with vitamins and nutrients that restore the methylation process. This opens the appropriate pathways for the body to breakdown and use vaccines and other substances correctly. Then, you can follow a delayed vaccination schedule, preventing infectious disease, while also reducing your child’s risk of an adverse reaction to immunizations. 

Reshma applies personalized nutritional counseling to help patients optimize their body function and overall health. Nutrition has an epigenetic effect on your DNA — which means that your diet can help you overcome disease susceptibilities, allergies, and autoimmune dysfunction. She also offers customized detoxification programs and infrared sauna therapy to enhance overall body function, health, and well-being. 

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